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The Abingdon open-air swimming pool, in the picturesque Abbey Meadows, bordered by the River Thames, was totally updated and renovated in 2018. Visitors to the gardens, play parks and picnic areas in Abbey Meadows, pass by the entrance to the pool all year round. 
As part of the renovation, an artwork was commissioned for the exterior wall of the existing building, to provide a focal point for the entrance. Hung low under the windows the work can be viewed by adults and children waiting to enter the pool, and by passers by on the way to the meadows
Suzanne’s design for the artwork is made up of swimming fish in a variety of forms and sizes. They move through an under-water scene in the 7m long laser-cut stainless steel artwork.

Commission: Abbey Meadow outdoor swimming pool , Abbey Close, Abingdon

Year: 2018 

Commissioned by: Abingdon Town Council

Details: Stainless steel entrance feature, 7 x 1.05 m (23 x 3.4 ft)

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