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collins street

This large stainless steel artwork hangs on the front of a residential and office building. The new development is near the Cowley Road, a busy and vibrant district in Oxford. This unique, exciting, multicultural area is well known for its diverse restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops and the yearly Cowley Road carnival.
The structure of Suzanne’s vertical design is geometric, reflecting the urban landscape of the long Cowley Road.  The varied environment was the source for the imagery of her artwork, presenting a visual puzzle for the viewer.  At the top of the work is a row of traditional pitched-roof town houses, followed by a shopping basket, onion and spatula, commonly used in most cuisines and restaurants. Bunting crosses the design in celebration of the festival, leisure, and fun. The bottom section includes a former local brick works and the first bullnose Morris motorcar, assembled in 1913. A symbolic River Thames finalises the bottom of work and the end of the Cowley Road.

Commission: A2Dominion, Collins St, Oxford

Year: 2019

Commissioned by: A2Dominion Housing Group, Oxford

Details: Stainless steel wall sculpture for housing and office development, 8 x 2 m (26.2 x 6.5 ft)

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