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Suzanne was selected to make two landmark features, to be sited at the new community centre, part of a large housing development at Kingsmere, Bicester.
This area would include a community hall, youth club, children’s nursery, shops and a car park and sites for the artworks.

Her idea for the first landmark was a pavilion structure, which could act as a focal point or meeting area, and a place to be used by the community for many purposes.  The resulting artwork is positioned in a circular seating area. It sits high on its four stainless steel legs, and is lit at night. The structure can be entered into, viewed from inside, walked around and seen from afar. The four sides of the roof panels contain imagery from the former farmland. The outer circumference band has a pattern of seed shapes.
The second landmark, The Umbrella, defines the entrance to the community centre area, and is also illuminated at night. This work has one tall, stainless steel leg, and looking up through the circular roof panels of plants, viewers see skylarks flying high, as they did in the former farmland.

Commission: The Community Centre, Kingsmere, Bicester

Year: 2018

Commissioned by: Countryside Properties, with Cherwell District Council

Details: Two stainless steel landmark sculptures 
The Pavilion, 5.4 x 4.6 m, (17.7 x 15 ft), band circumference 5.4 m (17.7 ft)
The Umbrella, 3.8 x 2 m (12.4 x 6.6 ft) 

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