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marcham centre

Commission: Marcham Centre

Year: 2021

Commissioned by: Marcham Community Group

Details: Freestanding, stainless steel entrance feature with Marcham Centre signage, small replica for internal notice board, external wall sign for Marcham Village Hall  
Entrance feature, 3.00 x 2.00 m (9.8 x 6.6 ft) 
Replica noticeboard, 479 x 454 mm (19 x 18 in) 
Wall sign, 1300 x 440 mm (4.3 x 1.4 ft)

For this commission, Suzanne was asked to make an artistic, welcoming entrance feature that would reflect the rich history of Marcham and its surroundings, and celebrate the village as a vibrant active community.

Central to the design are two iconic lions which stand in the centre of the village by the former Institute Building, and are much loved by the people of Marcham.  Other imagery references finds from archaeological digs, including corals and ammonites from pre-history, and a roman broach. Nature is reflected through images of the unique sea celery and vines grown locally. To reflect the vibrant community, Suzanne’s design also integrates visual symbols that depict local sports and clubs. The commission also included a sign for the new village hall, and a small replica of the artwork inside the hall, which acts as a noticeboard and gives information about the artwork.

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