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St Luke's Yard

Commission: St Luke’s Yard, Queens Park. London

Year: 2013 

Commissioned by: One Housing Group

Details: An artwork integrated into new electric metal entrance gates, blue powder coated steel, 1.8 x 1.2 m (6 x 4 ft)

This commission was for an artwork that could be inserted into new electric metal gates, being constructed for a contemporary housing development.
The images Suzanne chose for the work came from the history of the site. Formerly Judd Foods had a factory on the site, developing hand-made meals. Her design included fresh vegetables, utensils and pots and pans that would have been used in the kitchens. 
The site had also been Victorian stables and a coach yard, with the remains of an old forge. A carriage wheel, carriage light and a lucky horseshoe also form part of the design.

Another company that was based at the site made packaging steel bands. 
Suzanne used the concept of angled steel bands in her design, to connect the imagery and divide the oval artwork, creating tension balance and rhythm.
The work, in a striking blue, stands out against the dark railings of the gates, and is viewable by passersby on the street.

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