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wantage cemetery

The council asked for a striking and welcoming artwork for the main entrance to Wantage Cemetery. The site with its a narrow entrance on a steep hill and old stone wall boundary, presented a design challenge.
Suzanne decided the best position for the feature was to run along the top of the curved wall. The wall curve was plotted, and the changes in height along the wall were incorporated into the design. To fit this sensitive location, she chose a rural plant theme. Her design flows and grows along the changing height of wall, with birds and flowers, and finishes in a higher intricate tree shape at the wall’s end. The rolling lines symbolise the landscape of the nearby Berkshire Downs, holding the design together and creating its own landscape.
Together with the wall artwork, she designed a stainless steel sign, with floral decoration containing the cemetery’s name. 

Commission: Wantage Chainhill Cemetery, Wantage

Year: 2020

Commissioned by: Wantage Town Council and Vale of White Horse District Council

Details: Entrance feature, curved stainless steel, 8 x 1.4 m (26.2 x 4.5 ft)
Artwork sign, stainless steel, 1.2  x 1.0 m ( 4.0 x 3.3 in)

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