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Whitelands Farm

For this design commission Suzanne was asked to design security screens for a large leisure pavilion in Kingsmere. This new building is at the heart of a busy sports complex that offers a variety of sports facilities for all ages. The pavilion contains changing rooms, multi-functional community rooms and a café bar.

For her first design, she worked on capturing movement in sport and the essence of speed. This formed the Ball Games design used for different doors and windows. A key challenge was to make this design work for the many different sizes. The Exercise Class, the second design, acts as a shelter over the refreshment kiosk, and as a security screen when it is closed. The final design, for an entrance to the building, is in two halves and illustrates many images of sports-equipment and related subject matter.

Commission: Whitelands Farm Leisure Centre, Kingsmere, Bicester

Year: 2017 

Commissioned by: Cherwell District Council, Leisure projects

Details: Three designs, for 13 moveable door and window screens

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